5th Annual Business Process Management and Technology Innovation Forum

FSOkx’s 5th Annual Business Process Management and Technology Innovation Forum is a one-day conference that brings together thought-leaders in the financial services industry to discuss strategies and tactics to deliver effective business results. In addition to discussions prompted by FSOkx’s own industry research, you will hear from real-world practitioners, industry experts, and technology gurus about how to deploy to successful BPM initiatives. An intimate setting and senior executive participation create an environment that encourages participant interaction and networking.

Asset Management Today - Hedge Funds, Alternatives, Retirement, Sales and Marketing, April 24th

The industry landscape for hedge fund industry continues to evolve and thrive. The changes that took place during the past few years have led to a number of challenges and opportunities for firms within the industry. Today, investors continue to demand more transparency, intensive due diligence and separately managed accounts. To compete and win within such environment, one needs to be well equipped with transformational business strategies, robust operational infrastructure and controls, effective risk management and integrated distribution/marketing channels. With a special focus on due diligence, operations, technology, compliance, and risk management, this one day premier event provides the perfect opportunity to network with industry’s finest experts and practitioners to discuss overall outlook for the industry, range of investment strategies, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the industry.

2nd Annual Dodd Frank Regulations and Innovative Operating Models in the Financial Services Industry, November 13, 2013, New York

The Dodd-Frank Act has been a game changer for financial services firms and has made achieving high equity returns more difficult. As critical details of the act are finalized, organizations are racing to understand the scope and implications of these reforms on their business and make significant investments and changes to their technology and operational platforms. This one day event brings together some of the best talent within the industry to discuss the transformation strategies required to fulfill new regulatory requirements.

4th Annual Business Process Management and Technology Innovation Forum, September 17, 2013, New York

The 4th Annual Business Process Management and Technology Innovation Forum is designed to empower financial services executives to refine and improve their BPM initiatives. This one day event for the financial services industry (banking, insurance and capital markets) brings together industry experts, senior decision-makers, and thought leaders to share insights on how to adopt business strategies, improve service delivery, reduce costs, and leverage new BPM methodologies that deliver operational efficiencies with bottom-line results.

7th Annual Financial Services Outsourcing Forum with Excellence Awards, June 6th, 2013, New York

The financial services industry finds itself in the crossfire, caught between the intensity of regulations and the uncertainty of the global economic environment. Innovation in a burdensome regulatory environment is challenging. FSOkx is bringing together some of the best and the brightest minds in the financial services industry to inspire transformations that are grounded in reality. For the 7th time in New York, key decision makers from banking, capital markets and insurance firms will discuss critical developments that are re-shaping the financial services industry. At the event conclusion, FSOkx presents its annual Excellence Awards to recognize the best talent and initiatives in the industry.

From Meltdown to Transformation : Facing the Next-Generation of the Mortgage Industry, April 18th 2013, Washington D.C.

Blame the economy. Blame the government. Blame Wall Street. There’s enough blame to go around, but the fact remains that the entire mortgage industry has been rattled to its core. No segment of the industry has been spared. While signs that the industry is stabilizing are occurring, we’re also witnessing a transformation in mortgage that we’ve never seen before.

Thriving in today’s mortgage industry requires innovation, new technologies, and new operating models. From Meltdown to Transformation : Facing the Next-Generation of the Mortgage Industry is a one-day symposium that brings together practitioners and industry experts to discuss transformation strategies that can drive the highest possible value to all stakeholders. Share insights, deepen your understanding of what factors contributed to the mortgage meltdown, and address the specific changes your business will need to make to strengthen the industry and propel it into the future.

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