Multiline for Financial Services

Bankers and advisors want flexibility, but compliance with company policy and industry regulations makes BYOD a tough balancing act between business needs and employee expectations. Sprint MultiLine is a secure, crosscarrier solution that makes it easy to separate personal and business communication on any mobile phone. It also provides the carrier grade quality* and enterprise-class security and controls required by regulations.

When employees need to access business apps (and consequently, work-related mobile data) on the go, their iOS and Android devices can easily and automatically meter that access. We offer Advanced Analytics that enables metering of work data for third-party business apps, even if your company doesn’t work with an EMM. (Currently available for Android, iOS coming soon) Now through the Management Portal, employers can monitor and analyze data usage for third-party business apps in addition to voice and messaging — making it easier to reimburse an employee based on fixed usage rates, or to integrate with a telecom carrier to send usage reports directly.