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"TurtleBay Advisory Services advisors have an incredible understanding of how operations and technology can support and enhance business transformations efforts. The team is skilled at both strategy and implementation."

Our Vision & Mission

True business transformation doesn’t take place in a vacuum. It requires properly evaluating people, processes, and technology and then applying those learnings in innovative ways. Our mission is to leverage our industry expertise, research, technology, and proven methodologies to transformations that deliver profitability, growth, and optimal operational risk control, transparency and regulatory compliance.

At TBAS, we believe that driving successful and sustainable business transformation requires the following:

  • Flexibility to react to changing market dynamics.
  • Clear communication of the vision to all stakeholders and a focus on consensus building across lines of business and organizational constituencies
  • End to end understanding of services, products, processes, controls, and technology.
  • Leadership coupled with industry knowledge.
  • Realistic time and budget commitments that take the current environment and the organization’s appetite for change into account.
  • An enterprise delivery framework to drive holistic and sustainable change.
  • Innovative technology and a well-defined implementation plan.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance framework support.
  • The willingness to invest in human capital and the methodologies to recruit and train the best industry professionals.